Fly On The Wall Partners Make Reality Power List


Allison Grodner & Rich Meehan
Partners in Fly on the Wall Entertainment

There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the CBS megahit Big Brother, which Allison Grodner took over and revamped during its second cycle (Rich Meehan joined two years later, in 2003). Last year’s Cycle 12 ratings were up 6 percent, averaging 7.6 million viewers of the show’s thrice-weekly episodes. The duo, who formed Fly on the Wall Entertainment in 2009, have yet to create another massive hit like Brother, but they are steadily expanding their reality reach. VH1 is airing the second season of You’re Cut Off, their TV Land modeling-competition program She’s Got the Look wrapped up its third season in September, the CW reality romcom hybrid Plain Jane has been sold to countries around the globe, and they’re in development on a still-under-wraps 10-episode series for Style. “It’s preproduction, production and post, all simultaneously. … It’s just in different degrees every day,” Meehan says of the duo’s schedule. Adds Grodner: “It’s a roller coaster, but it’s a good roller coaster.”

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